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From museums and historical monuments to sport or musical events, through film premiers or palaces that seems to be from a fairy tale.

The city of London offers you all kind of activities and plans for making you want to stay and never forget.

Things to do

London offers a wide variety of plans and activities for every kind of interests and ages. It doesn’t matter if you travel with your family, friends or with your couple, the British Capital city will always be a perfect destination in which you will enjoy a nice stay.

Feel the truly Londoner spirit and atmosphere while you walk down the streets of the city. Don’t forget the perfect accessory with the traditional and delicious fish and chips and the famous English tea at 17:00. Rest and take a picnic in Hyde Park or enjoy all the wide offer of gastronomy that you will find in many restaurants.

If you are one of those that enjoy going shopping, you have a date on Oxford Street or Covent Garden, where you will find all kind of shops full of people admiring the window displays. However, of course, every shopping lover dreams about visiting Harrods, one of the most famous shopping centres of the world which, besides, is really close to Hyde Park, so you will be able to enjoy that wonderful and natural environment after your shopping time.

Sound of London

London represents –with no doubt, a revolutionary idol and has been one of the lucky first stages of some of the greatest and most representative artists of each era.

Loads of artists and bands that we still listen to were pioneers of different rhythms. Who doesn’t know Led Zeppelin, the iconic punk The Who and Jow Strummer, The Clash or Iron Maiden? Does it exist anyone able to not to move his head when ‘Satisfaction’ of The Rolling Stones starts to sound? Or haven’t you ever been moved by Freddie Mercury’s voice?

Let’s admit it, London sounds and resounds with strength still nowadays and, while you visit London, you’ll have the chance of getting to know some of the stages where your favourite bands were born.

London at night

Some of the most visited attractions of London are still visible thanks to artificial illumination for making it possible that you can enjoy the views doesn’t matter the time or schedule. Clearly see the Tower of London, the Big Ben, the Houses of the Parliament or the London Eye against the dark sky of night is –with any doubt, something you have to live during your visit.

Of course, after your night tour you also will be able to enjoy a drink in our pubs and meet some new people while you get integrated in the most Londoner atmosphere.

How to get around

A great city like London offers you many different ways for visiting it and gives you the chance to all the visitors and citizens of get around the city with all the commodities thanks to an excellent web of public transport connections. With the underground and the bus you will comfortably travel around London.

Don’t think it twice and get one of the Visitor Oyster Card for a better way of access to the public transport of London.<